No vape is complete without its accessories. VapeDNA brings several accessories for our users so they can enjoy vaporiezers to the fullest. Get accessories for your vape at the most reliable prices at VapeDNA.

  • Hellvape Drop Dead Building Mat

    Designed for DIY builders, the Hellvape Drop Dead Building Mat is a customized version of Drop Dead. It is individualized and easy-to-clean, making it an ideal assistant for building and wicking. Just get it as an useful helper for your...

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  • Innokin LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter 4ml

    LIFT Siphon Tank Adapter adopts the World's First Siphon System which converts your RDA to RDTA in one step with 4ml capacity and 25mm diameter. LIFT Siphon comes with 4ml e-juice capacity and 25mm diameter. No long messy cotton and no need to...

  • KIZOKU Cell Atty Stand 10pcs

    Introduction Coming from a well-known Japanese brand, KIZOKU Cell Atty Stand is a cool and funny toy for organizing atomizers with a funky design, exquisite workmanship and novel style. It is easy to separate and combine with any side,...

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  • KIZOKU Chess Series Drip Tip 6pcs

    Designed by famous Japanese designer, the KIZOKU Chess Series Drip Tip features the innovative chess figures design with different length, which can satisfy your different vaping needs. The KIZOKU Chess Series Drip Tip is crafted...

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  • Magic Stick CW Wire Coiling Tool Kit 6-in-1

    Rod Lengths: 4mm, 3.5mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 2mm and 1.5mmMain Bodies Sizes: 3.5/4, 2.5/3, and 1.5/2With the twist of your wrist you can build perfect coil every time through this little tool Paking Box: Main bodies x 4, Screw driver x 1, Screws x 1, Forceps x...

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  • Nitecore New I2 Battery Charger

    Nitecore NEW i2 Intelligent Charger - upgraded edition of the i2, is a charger with compatibility, efficiency and intelligenceThe NEW i2 is extremely efficient as it is able to charge batteries twice as fast as the i2 (up to 1A), which will...

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  • Nitecore Q6 6 Slots Charger

    Nitecore Q6 Charger 6 Slots In-car quick 2A chargerCapable of charging 6 batteries simultaneouslyActive current distributionCompatible with Li-ion IMR batteriesTwo charging modes (CC/CV)Automatically detects battery power status and selects the...

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