What is Vaping?

What is Vaping?

Posted by VapeDNA blog on 14th Feb 2018

What is Vaping?

The act of inhaling vapor which is produced as a result of electronic cigarette or a vaporizer is called as vaping. It is produced as a result of material mainly called an e-liquid, dry or concentrate herbs.

How do you define a vaporizer?

It is an electrical device whose main function is to turn the vaping material into vapor. It usually consist of a battery along with an atomizer or cartomizer, housing and cartridges. The power is generated with the help of the heating element in the atomizer, and eventually contacts the vaping material to transform it into vapor for inhalation.

Which vaping materials can be used?

Most of the vapors use e-liquid for vaping reviving the tradition but other vaping materials can also be used in this purpose. They include waxy concentrates and dry herbs. The vaping of different materials is supported by different vaporizers. You can see in various case scenarios where e-liquid vaporizers have a tank or a cartridge whereas a dry herb vaporizer will use a heating chamber. Different vape materials can be allowed for vaping by using some of the multipurpose vaporizers. This is done by simply switching the cartridges.

What can you know about the vapor in the vaporizer?

Some substance which can be easily suspended in the air, originally a solid or a liquid turned into a gaseous form is defined as a vapor. It can be said as the gaseous form of any vaping material. The texture of the vapor is thicker than the smoke but it quickly dissipated in the air and additionally it smells much better than smoke.

What is e-liquid?

You might have heard about e-juice or e-liquid from some people. It is the material which is used in vaproizers. It consists of a VG(vegetable glycerin) and a PG (propylene glycerol) base along with flavors which may or may not contain nicotine.

What is the feel of vaping?

Vaping can give some heavy and wetter feels as compared to the one of smoking. Due to different flavors of e-liquids, vaping is considered as much more flavorful and aromatic. For vaping beginners, we are hereby providing different options for them to look into.


The ype and the brand you use for vaping truly depicts the flavor quality. Before going for any type of flavors you have to give them a thought and a bit of some research, as they are there to make or break the entire experience. For a beginner, it is always advised to choose all the reputed and well- known brands as there are many harmful contaminants or unlisted ingredients in some low quality e juice.

Electronic cigarettes

These devices are of the size of a pen and are designed in such a way that they appear like some conventional cigarettes. They are also known as ‘cig-a-likes’. If you are looking for an electronic cigarette, it Is better if you search them within a starter kit as they come up with batteries, cartridges and a charger. They seem to look very convenient and affordable but do not often some more and extreme experiences of vaping.

For all those people, who have directly switched to smoking from vaping, electronic cigarettes offer a sensation which is similar to smoking a conventional cigarette.

Vape Mods

If you are looking for some great vaping experiences, so here is something you need to go for. They do certainly offer the real deal. This is an ideal device for those who are looking for some real vaping experience. All the mods vary in pricing and are of different price range and eventually include many e- liquids and dry herbs.