Why do Aussie prefer e-Cigarettes over Smokes

Why do Aussie prefer e-Cigarettes over Smokes

Posted by VapeDNA blog on 20th Feb 2018

Here are some of the 10 Reasons Aussie prefer E-cigarettes Over Smokes. There are a lot of reasons why we can declare vaping a better and smarter form of smoking. Everyone has their choice and their preferences. A choice made by any of the individual is the result and consequence of an experience gained earlier by making a wrong choice in the relevant field. If we are discussing about being healthy and going for a better option, we can definitely say that vaping is always so much better than smoking because of many reasons. Research has found that Aussies prefer e-cigarettes over smoking. You keep yourself safe from any kind of tar, fumes or any of other gross leftovers of a tobacco since you are choosing vaping over smoking. Chemical toxins are found in tobacco which is quite detrimental to the body and to a safer and healthier life. One of the main reasons why Aussie prefer e-cigarettes over smokes is that vaping is safe from any sort of mess and fuss. You always are safe from your babies and kittens playing with the ash trays and at the end creating up a bigger and dirtier mess for the room. Your home stays clean and tidy.

Healthy environment for the surroundings

As a contrast between the conventional tobacco and the latest vapes are introduced in the system, people are getting more aware and concerned about the advantages of vaping over smoking. Smoking not only affects you but also the others around you. So, when you are thinking to smoke you are considering not only yourself but also the others in your surroundings and that must be taken well care of. Just speaking of second hand smoke, we can say that they have caused about 600,000 deaths around the year. Vaping can be considered safer in this context. The carcinogenic chemicals which are found in the smoke of a tobacco aren’t found in the vapour so that provides a safer environment as compared to the environment created as a result of vaping. Considering the amount of chemicals present inside an e cigarette, it is way too less as compared to the amount of chemical present in a conventional cigarette. Cigarettes contain about 7000 of different chemicals and 69 of them are found to cause cancer whereas the rest of them are quite poisonous. Many of the health organizations have exclusively recognized the benefits of vaping over smoking and have recommended the smokers to make a shift towards vaping and quit smoking. A research has found out the smokers can easily love vaping and get used to the daily use of e-cigarettes if they start to use the nicotine replacement therapies with a gum. This will satisfy their lust for both smoking and vaping.

No more Pungent Odor

The worst thing smoking can do to someone is by leaving behind its hideous smell on the clothes of the smoker which leaves quite a bad impact to the people present in the surroundings. This leaves quite pungent odor on the clothes of the user and this is considered as a hallmark of smoking. If you start to vape out, it will leave you with many additional advantages which include not having that unpleasant smell leftover on your clothes. Once the smokers switch from smoking to vaping, they start to find themselves healthier than before which is an added advantage for them. Another major change which has been noticed as a result of switching to vape is the reduction of chronic coughs leading to improved health and a happier life. Most of them also like the flavor of the vape as compared to the cigarette. Aussies prefer e-cigarette over smokes considering many reasons but majority of them is that they can move around people, smoke and enjoy with confidence.