Innokin Cool Fire II Starter Kit

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Innokin Cool Fire II Starter Kit

Innokin Cool Fire Starter Kit has been introduced by Innokin with all new features. Due to its extra additional functions it is an outstanding Starter Kit.


  1. Adjustable wattage at desired point via rotatable wheel.
  2. Very secure on/off mode user need to press button three times within two seconds for both on and off the device.
  3. Warning on battery discharge every time.
  4. Following wattage are supported 7.0,8.0,8.5,9.0,9.5,10.5,11.0,12.0,12.5 with the help of rotating wheel.​
  5. Compatible with 18350 power battery (unprotected)
  6. LED displays battery power Via different Lights.
  • Red light means fully discharged
  • Green lights means fully charged
  • Yellow light means half discharged

Innokin Cool Fire Starter Kit consists of universal eGo 510 threading and it can be fit with most of eGo atomizers, Tanks and Clearomizers like iClear 30 clearomizer with replacable coil.