Innokin EQ Fltr Filter Tip in australia and new zealand

Innokin EQ Fltr Filter Tip

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Check out the newest Innokin EQ FLTR Kit, comes with a soft-tip filter that extrudes from the pod and closely resembles a cigarette. An inner chamber in the filter helps guide the vapour for improved taste and increase the life of the filter.

The device comes with easy-to-use auto-draw - simply inhale to activate the device. The combination of auto-draw, the soft filter and a restricted Mouth-to-Lung vape means this pod systems closely mimics the experience of smoking a cigarette.

The EQ FLTR pod is reusable - simply insert a new biodegradable filter as needed. This both reduces running costs and help protects the environment. The device comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

The EQ FLTR comes with a drip tip cap which ensures that the filter remains clean and hygienic when not in use and helps extend the life of the filters.


This kit is ideal for vapers looking for a compact, easy-to-use device which replicates the experience of smoking a cigarette. It is suitable for vapers of all experience levels.

Compatible coils

The EQ Filtr works with 1.2 Ω Innokin Sceptre coils.


How often does the filter need to be changed?

Innokin recommending changing the filter after every 2-3 refills.

What liq can you use in the EQ FLTR Kit?

The 1.2 Ω coil means this device is best used with liq with a VG:PG ratio in the region of 40:60 to 50:50, such as Halo Vapour Co. It is also ideal for use with salts.

Is this a Mouth-to-Lung device?

Yes. The higher resistance coils in the EQ FLTR make it perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping.

How long does the EQ FLTR coil in the pod last?

Coil life depends on many factors, including how long you puff for, the liq you use and the wattage you use your coil at. High resistance coils,

such as the 1.2 Ω coil in this kit, last longer than low resistance coils which are used at higher wattages.

You can extend coil life by:

  • Priming the coil before usage
  • using liq with the right VG:PG ratios
  • not going above the recommended wattage
  • topping up your tank so that the coil never dries out.
  • With care, the coil should last several days.