Innokin EQ Fltr Pod Cartridge 2ml in australia and new zealand

Innokin EQ Fltr Pod Cartridge 2ml

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Innokin EQ FLTR Cartridge is designed to be used in Innokin EQ FLTR Pod Kit. It has two types: with integrated coil EQ FLTR Pod or supports replaceable coil EQ FLTR RC Pod. Both pods can be holding up to 2mL of your favorite salt.

How do fill the EQ FLTR Pod Cartridge? Remove the pod from the device. Remove the large part of the pod side bung, being careful not to remove the smaller part. Insert the tip of your liq bottle and squeeze in liq before replacing the bung.

EQ FLTR Pod built-in 1.2ohm coil, the coil cannot be replaced which will give the ultimate Mouth to Lung experience. EQ FLTR RC Pod's internal coil is replaceable, compatible with Sceptre (1.2ohm) coils.

Keep the pod and reduce plastic waste and cost with EQ-FLTR RC-Pods. No matter which pod you choose, its internal coil will last longer than a low-resistance coil with a higher wattage.


  • 2mL EQ-FLTR Pod / 2ml EQ-FLTR RC Pod
  • Side Fill System - Silicone Stoppered
  • Integrated 1.2ohm Coil Pod (EQ-FLTR Pod)
  • Compatible with 1.2ohm Sceptre Coil (EQ-FLTR RC Pod)
  • Quarter Turn Coil Change System
  • Boundless Intense Vape taste and Satisfaction