What is ecig made up of?

There are 4 major ingredients that make up an ecig. It mainly comprises of n, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and food-grade savoring.

Are ecigs economical?

According to a survey, customers have reported to save between 50-70% by using ecigs are compared to the standard normal cigarettes. The cost saving totally depending upon your shopping cart and shopping spree; how often you vape and what products you buy.

What does it indicate when the battery light flashes?

When the charging is low, the battery light flashes. It means your product needs to be charged. 

Why do I hear a popping sound while I am vaping?

This is actually the sound of ecig undergoing the process of vaporization. 

What amount of N level is recommended?

Following are the recommendations depending upon the amount of cigarettes you are planning to smoke.

  • 24 mg for a pack
  • 18 mg for ¾th of a pack
  • 12 mg for half a pack
  • 6 mg for anything less than the details mentioned above
  • In case, you are a savor fan than 12 mg is suitable for you

How to vaporize more?

Always go for the batteries that are adjustable. They will adjust the heat for bigger cloud. As an alternative to this process, you can always go for using some low-resistance coils or cartomizers. Since, they are low on resistance so they burn hotter which resultantly produces more heat. If you are looking to go for maximum vapors, then make the use of rebuildable tanks.